What is HumorCrazy dot Net? HumorCrazy is an interactive archive containing collection of Humor and Crazy pictures and videos. The Primary focus is to collect craziest pictures and videos from all over the internet and to create a place where users can share their crazy photos and video clips with the world!

Where Else HumorCrazy Been Mentioned? Glad you asked, as Humorcrazy site has been linked to from a variety of sources in its relatively short existence. Apart from this humorcrazy dot net has also developed a loyal base of readers and fan on Facebook, Twitter & other social websites – which let this site to reach millions of viewers per month.

What Makes HumorCrazy Different? Unlike many Humor related sites, HumorCrazy dot net offers fewer but the very best photos and videos taken from all over the world and also crazy pictures/animations that are designed on computer! The user interface of the website is quite simple to follow, You can see a larger image preview and Label of a given design in the column to the left, usually related to the page being visited, or navigate to recent entries or random archived collections via clicking thumbnails to the right.

Take your time and browse through the categories, checkout Humorcrazy the archives for crazy videos and photos and subscribe to the feed to receive daily updates for the new added collections. Also: spread the word – bookmark humorcrazy site on Delicious, become follower on Twitter and join the page on Facebook and and share it with all your friends. Thanks for reading!

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